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Women Soap Bars
These soap bar are made with fragrance oils,shea butter,mango butter,coco butter,jojoba oils,vitamin e oils,aloe vera and glycerin.No chemicals or animal byproducts.These soaps are also good for people with very sensitive skin and dry skin.The oatmeal is also good for oily skin or dry skin.Please click on picture to enlarge.

Pink Sugar Creams
I love this one!Made with shea butter,glycerin,fragrance And vitamin e
Price: $4.99
An exceptionally nice infusion of lemongrass,shea butter,vitamin e and herbs create this clean refreshing blend
Price: $4.99
Sm Pink Sugar Sparks (Type)
This soap has a ligth sugar scent.Made with shea butter,glycerin,vitamin e and fragrance
Price: $2.99
Sm Coco Mango
I love the smell of this one.Made with shea butter,mango butter,coco butter and vitamin e
Price: $2.99
Sm Oatmeal,Milk and Honey
This soap is good for the face and body.Made with oatmeal,milk,honey,shea butter and vitamin e
Price: $2.99
Sm Paris (Type)
This soap bar is very colorful and smell so good.Made with glycerin,mango butter,coco butter and fragrance
Price: $2.99
Pink Sugar (Type)
This soap makes you want to stay in the shower.Made with glycerin,mango butter,fragrance and vitamin e
Price: $3.99
Juicy Couture (Type)
This soap looks like giant lifesaver and smell so good.Made with shea butter,glycerin,vitamin e,fragrance and aloe vera
Price: $4.99
Love Spell (Type)
A fresh blend of citrus,peaches,black currant,rose petals with a sweet musky base.
Price: $4.99
Strawberry Swirls
This soap smells like fresh strawberrys.Made with shea butter,glycerin,vitamin e and coconut oil
Price: $4.99
Almond Shea Butter Soap Bar
This soap smells so good!Made with almond oil,shea butter,mango butter and vitamin e
Price: $4.99