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We carry a wide range of women and men soaps to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular soaps are shown below. Please call or email for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.Please click on picture to view larger.

Dolcy & Gabbana (Men) Type
Women loves to smell this scent on a man!Made with shea butter,glycerin,jojoba oil and vitamin e
Price: $4.99
Curve Kick (Type)
Men will love the smell of this one.Made with glycerin,aloe vera and vitamin e
Price: $4.99
Egyptian Musk (Unisex)
A lot of people love this scent.Made with shea butter, mango butter, coco butter,glycerin and vitamin e
Price: $4.99
Armani (Men) Type
This is one of my most popular men soap bars made with glycerin,shea butter,aloe vera and vitamin e
Price: $4.99
Issey Miyake (Men) Type
Who don't love issey miyake it's a oldie but goodie made with shea butter,glycerin,jojoba oil and vatmin e
Price: $4.99
Paris (Men) Type
This soap is made with shea butter,aloe vera and lanolin
Price: $4.99